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Updating Your Vanity is a Great Way to Improve This Important Little Room.

About Our Custom Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanities might just be the hardest-working piece of furniture in your home. It is a cabinet to store the necessities, the foundation for your sink, and the anchor for the overall style of the room. Replacing your vanity is an affordable project that can dramatically improve the look and function of your bathroom. With a few tips from our experts, you can choose the right piece for your space, budget, and style.

Knowing the height, width, and depth of your current cabinetry is just the start. It is also important to know the room measurements before you begin. To find the perfect replacement vanity, you’ll need to consider both your bathroom layout and the location of the plumbing. Having the floor space for a large vanity might get complicated if the plumbing fixtures are out of reach.

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